Dine In Breakfast Menu

Toast served with Preserves                                                         $  5.00

Toast Bagel served with Cream Cheese and Jam                       $  8.00

Smoked Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese                                  $12.00

Seasonal Fruit Salad                                                                        $  7.50

Muesli served with Yoghurt and Seasonal Fruit                         $  9.50

Eggs on Toast your style                                                                 $  10.50

Eggs Benedict served on a toasted muffin                                   $17.50                                                  with Hollandaise sauce

Bacon and Eggs with Toast                                                              $15.50

Crepe served with Bacon, Banana and Maple Syrup                   $17.50

3 Egg Omelette with your choice of filling’s                                   $17.50

Big Breakfast – Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Tomatoes                       $19.00

Hash Brown and Toast




Tomatoes, Sausages, Hash Browns, Mushrooms                        $  3.50

Have your Breakfast Meeting at our Place.

Pre order and we will have it ready at your specified time.

























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